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Free Beginner-level series on Alpine JS launched by Simon Vrachliotis

Alpine JS is a minimal framework for composing JavaScript behaviour in your markup. It brings declarative, reactive, data-driven nature of libraries like React or Vue to your HTML templates.

Nitro from Craft CMS

Nitro is a speedy new local development environment that’s tuned for Craft CMS, powered by Multipass.

Today Pixel & Tonic released Nitro 1.0 Beta, which packs a ton of features for local Craft development, including PHP 7.4, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, Xdebug, and Blackfire support.

Søborg Chair by 'Fredericia

New Blender modelling tutorial series from the excellent teacher Andrew Price. In this series he teaches the fundamentals of modelling whilst making the designer Søborg Chair by 'Fredericia'.

Geological map of Ireland

Created by Sean Conway a Geological map of Ireland founded on the maps of the Geological Survey of Sir Richard Griffith and of Profr. J. Beete Jukes / by Edward Hull,M.A. F.R.S - 1878

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