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Graves and fulacht fia

While the rest of the family made a trek to Ballysrisode beach today, I was left at home "working". It's a great little beach in West Cork, Ireland. It's divided into two parts, and on the second part, there is an unusual grouping of stones.

There are two different stories to these. The first is that of a local pirate that had a battle on the beach and that they are gravestones. The second that it is the remains of a Bronze Age Fulacht Fia. Both a fascinating read no matter which one is correct.


Using Blender Mike Pan helped generate thousands of images to train an AI network that successfully sees transparent objects. Read the full article here.

Enabling machines to better sense transparent surfaces would not only improve safety but could also open up a range of new interactions in unstructured applications — from robots handling kitchenware or sorting plastics for recycling, to navigating indoor environments or generating AR visualizations on glass tabletops.

Caft snippets

A useful collection of twig tips & tricks from {{craftSnippets}} that will help you with creating better Twig templates. Recently Updated.

Blender couch model tutorial series

New Blender tutorial series from Andrew Price on how to make a high-quality couch model using cloth simulation and cloth brushes.

Dark mode guide

Nice deep dive from CSS Tricks into using dark mode in the context of websites. Did you know for example that it helps to preserve battery life for devices with OLED screen where brighter colours consume more energy?


While I've been ramping up my learning of Blender, I found PureRef invaluable. It's a cross-platform tool to organise and view reference images. Its really simple, really unobtrusive and perfect reference board.

Tailwind css intellisense

The new version of the Tailwind CSS IntelliSense extension for Visual Studio Code that adds Tailwind-specific linting to both your CSS and markup was released recently.

Image 2020 06 10 at 12 23 53 PM

From Ben Croker, Sprig is a free plugin for Craft CMS that allows you to create reactive components from Twig templates and/or PHP classes. These components can re-render themselves on user-triggered events (clicks, changes to input fields, form submissions) using AJAX requests, without requiring you to write a single line of JavaScript.

AC/DC Sydney

For your morning coffee - The forgotten Sydney of AC/DC… All those nights I spent playing pool and throwing back beers in the Hampton and didn't know its history.

Lava lamps

How Do Lava Lamps Help with Internet Encryption? Cloudflare translates photos of 100 lava lamps into random data which helps encrypt up to 10 percent of the internet. More here.

Le Gourmet TV

When you have a YouTube food channel and also own a production company. I'm totally down with the use of everything at his disposal in this behind the scenes.

Xwebcam list 1

I spent a couple of fruitless hours on this last weekend but in the meantime, Fujifilm has launched their own webcam software so I can use my X series with Windows 10 and Zoom in medium format! Download here

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