Web developer, designer and photographer. Specialising in website performance, problem-solving and Craft CMS. Ireland and worldwide.


New Photo Store Online

I’m excited to be able to offer a small selection of my photos of Ireland for sale. They are available as unframed prints in various affordable sizes.


Skateboarding for Heavier People with a Midlife Crisis

Am I having a midlife crisis? Maybe. Am I very nostalgic? Definitely. Am I parted with my money easily? It’s a given. I recently bought my daughter a skateboard and became smitten with the idea of myself skateboarding again.


Prism Syntax Highlighting for Craft CMS

Tutorial for using Prism syntax highlighting on your code blocks in Craft CMS. Very simple setup for assigning languages to code used in entries and displaying them as coloured syntax on your website.


How I Brew with my Chemex

The Chemex Coffeemaker has been around since 1941. Along with being a visually attractive coffee maker, it is widely considered the better choice for people who are looking for a smoother cup of joe. This is my own coffee/​water ratio and method of brewing in the Chemex.


Best Jamaican Ginger Cake Ice Cream

Delicious Ice-Cream made from store-bought Jamaican Ginger Cake enhanced with some stem ginger syrup. Ginger is one of my favourites ingredients, and I was eager to come up with some recipes for my latest lockdown purchase of an ice cream maker.


6 Inspiring Photography YouTube Channels

I made the jump to the Fujifilm mirrorless camera system a few years ago. As with any significant investment, you spend a lot of your time trawling through websites or videos on YouTube to either rationalise your decision or be very sure you are purchasing what is right for you. Amid these reviews on YouTube, a few photographers stuck out, and I have been following them since.