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John Henry is a Web Designer & Developer from Cork, Ireland specialising in ExpressionEngine and tinkering with everything else.

They Call Me Bruce

I've recently started painting again after a long hiatus. Acrylics are new to me so this is a learning process, mistakes and all. The subject matter is Bruce, a good friend's dog. This painting represents a lot more though. …Read More

Delicious Everyday Family Bread Recipe

Discovering what was in a standard supermarket sliced pan shocked me enough to start experimenting with bread recipes and find the perfect loaf for my family. The more I know what I am feeding my kids the better. The following is a recipe for a simple white loaf I make every day including some tips I picked up while learning about bread. …Read More

The Designer-Developer Relationship - Corkdev Talk

The line between the Web Designer and Web Developer has become slightly blurred over the last few years with both roles having to take on extra skills to keep up. But has this led to contention in the ranks? In my upcoming talk I'll be exploring ways to strengthen the relationship between designer and developer. …Read More

ExpressionEngine 2.8 Preview

EllisLab have been building up to their latest release of ExpressionEngine for a while by sharing upcoming features through their blog. It's a given that anything EllisLab release will have its fair share of controversy and they have always had the adage of 'Can't do right for doing wrong'. …Read More

Visiting Newgrange

We decided to break up our journey back to Cork from Body & Soul by taking in Newgrange. It was a place I have never been to before and I was pleasantly surprised. …Read More