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On this Solspace podcast episode, Myself and Mitchell are joined by Tom Jaeger and Bryan Nielsen of the Packet Tide team a discuss the new developments in ExpressionEngine. Coilpack is a way to tightly integrate the vast capabilities of the Laravel ecosystem into ExpressionEngine. You can listen here.

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DDEV is a container-based local development environment. Randy Fay, the creator, gives a few reasons to try it. Not noted in the article, but it has explicit support for Craft CMS.

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Excellent guide to SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) from Postmark team: what it is, how it works, plus the pros and cons of setting up your own SMTP server.

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Great article from David Hall on Cornelius Cardew's graphic musical score 'Treatise'.

Craft shopify

The free Shopify plugin from Pixel & Tonic synchronizes products into Craft as elements so you can use them just like entries—in the control panel and your front end. This integration should open many doors to potential Ecommece clients for whom Craft Commerce wasn't a good fit. Read more here.

This video is so stressful. Alex is a great coach but just watching all the fear and emotion Magnus is going through had me sweating.

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"A month’s worth of movies to help you stay awake". Rob Weychert has created this October's horror movie schedule for your viewing. He fondly calls it Robtober.

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iA Presenter is a markdown-based slide generator. Looks like a niche market, but as a current user of iA Writer I'm sure it will live up to expectations. Beta is now open.

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I got to speak with Thomas Sausen in the most recent podcast for I talk about my beginnings with ExpressionEngine up to Craft CMS and how I now specialize in these systems. In addition, my experiences as a speaker at web conferences and unexpected drastic health problems.

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Tailwind CSS v3.2 has a massive amount of new stuff, including support for dynamic breakpoints, multiple config files in a single project, nested groups, parameterized variants, container queries, and more.

Coilpack! A Composer package installed alongside ExpressionEngine and Laravel that brings Twig and Blade into the control panel and also GraphQL, REST if you were going the headless route.

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Deep dive from Aleksandar Zeljković into the capabilities of two popular e2e testing frameworks: Cypress and Playwright. A 2 part series. Introduction and Setup

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