About John Henry Donovan

John Henry is a web developer from Cork, Ireland. This website is my personal space for ideas, articles, photography and work-related items. This is its 3rd iteration in the last decade. All opinions are my own.

John henry donovan stairs
Self Portrait 2023 - 'The Harry Potter of Web Development'

John Henry Donovan has always had an interest in computers and began working with them centuries ago on his very first machine, a Sinclair Spectrum 48k. Based in Cork, Ireland, John Henry is known in the web community for his depth of experience with ExpressionEngine and Craft CMS. He was previously employed as a Technical Support Specialist for EllisLab (the creators of ExpressionEngine). John Henry, originally a graduate in Industrial Design, is a self-taught full-stack developer and designer. He lives in the Irish countryside with his continuously upbeat wife and fights for office space with 4 children in his busy house.


John Henry works as a developer for Solspace but is often free to take on freelance projects. His strengths are site performance upgrades, troubleshooting complex website problems and Craft CMS.


johnhenry.ie is hosted on Arcustech and published using Craft CMS with a sprinkle of Cloudflare. It was created with the help of Tailwind CSS. The fonts used on the site are Objektiv Mk1 and Roca. Analytics provided by Fathom.


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You can use my contact form here or find me on Twitter.