Bending the Craft CMS Control Panel

Recently I got the opportunity to speak at Dot All 2022 in Brooklyn, New York. This is a conference put on by Pixel & Tonic, the creators of Craft CMS. In the talk I gave, I felt I got a good response. I figured it may be too low-brow for the room, but it was good simple advice and tips, which attendees seemed to respond to.

Below you can find the video, my slides and resources. Learn more about my trip here.

The Pitch

Often we have an opportunity to spend more time customizing the client's control panel experience. In this presentation, I'll walk you through examples of making the Craft CMS dashboard a valuable stop for your clients, using available plugins and creating custom widgets for others. In addition, I'll share tips and tricks for Craft's control panel, exposing all the delightful hidden possibilities.

Bending the Craft CMS Control Panel
Bending the Craft CMS Control Panel

Thanks to Leah Stephenson of Pixel & Tonic for all her hard work to make the conference a success!

I'm a no-nonsense, experienced website developer who works with Content Management Sytems and specializes in Craft CMS.

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