6 Inspiring Photography YouTube Channels

I made the jump to the Fujifilm mirrorless camera system a few years ago. As with any significant investment, you spend a lot of your time trawling through websites or videos on YouTube to either rationalise your decision or be very sure you are purchasing what is right for you. Amid these reviews on YouTube, a few photographers stuck out, and I have been following them since.

All of the following photographers share the same passion for passing on their knowledge. All of them have stories to tell, and there is nothing frivolous in their delivery. No matter what your experience, I guarantee you will learn something off of these people. The amount of work and hours went into some of these videos are incredible.

1. Omar Gonzalez

Omar has an infectious vibe to him I can't describe. He was the original inspiration for my Fujifilm XT-20 camera choice. He covers mostly Fujifilm related topics, lens reviews and some editing tips.

2. Sean Tucker

The sense of calm and professionalism to Sean is outstanding. He has really informative videos about approach and philosophy. His highlights are portrait, street photography and his treatment of light.

3. Nigel Danson

A landscape photographer who I've learned loads from. He shares so much of what he does. Excellent videos again.

4. Thomas Heaton

Another landscape photographer whose journey I've been following for a number of years. The odds are you are already aware of this channel. His vlogs are outstanding and he is a real humble person to boot.

5. First Man Photography

There is a real learning aspect to Adam's videos. They are so well constructed and view like they are right out of a course. He is an excellent teacher.

6. Ian Worth

Ian's videos always feel like a journey with him. His videos are hugely practical and full of great insights. He is the closest I feel to the type of photographer I am myself.