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Craft is a powerful, easy-to-use content management system. The only CMS on the market with a focus on performance and usability.


Dodgy Takes on Price increases

In this recent episode from, Thomas Sausen is joined by Shawna O'Neal to delve into the recent price hike of Craft CMS and its potential impact on businesses. The conversation explores the feasibility of introducing a more affordable option akin to Craft CMS Light and draws parallels with the Craft Client.

Shopify Integration for Craft CMS

The free Shopify plugin from Pixel & Tonic synchronizes products into Craft as elements so you can use them just like entries—in the control panel and your front end. This integration should open many doors to potential Ecommece clients for whom Craft Commerce wasn't a good fit. Read more here.

Speed up Craft CMS Updates using Composer

This is super helpful when doing all your updates in Craft CMS in via composer. The composer plugin prestissimo, downloads packages in parallel to speed up the installation process. To install use a global require.

composer global require hirak/prestissimo

Craft 3.5 RC1 Release

Pixel & Tonic release Craft CMS 3.5 RC1. Very exciting. Highlights include New Field Layout Designer and custom UI elements based on site templates. Full 3.5 changelog

Sprig — A reactive Twig component framework for Craft CMS.

From Ben Croker, Sprig is a free plugin for Craft CMS that allows you to create reactive components from Twig templates and/or PHP classes. These components can re-render themselves on user-triggered events (clicks, changes to input fields, form submissions) using AJAX requests, without requiring you to write a single line of JavaScript.

CraftQuest Localhosting Roundup

Ryan Irelan and Andrew Welch are doing a livestream tomorrow and covering their favorite localhosting tools. They're looking at Nitro, Valet, Docker, and more. They also promise to share strong opinions about which to use and why.

Release of Craft Nitro 1.0 Beta

Nitro is a speedy new local development environment that’s tuned for Craft CMS, powered by Multipass.

Today Pixel & Tonic released Nitro 1.0 Beta, which packs a ton of features for local Craft development, including PHP 7.4, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, Xdebug, and Blackfire support.