Waterville, Co.Kerry

We recently had a short break in Waterille, Co.Kerry just before we were hit with another lockdown. I’d been driving past this magical spot all week and finally had the time to photograph it.

Waterville cokerry
X-T3 – XF14mm

Not is all as it seems

Unfortunately, not everything exists in this picture. So the standing stone exists in Kerry, just another part of Kerry! Let me explain.

You'll know if you do photography yourself that once you get home and load photos up on your computer it can sometimes be very disappointing. You may not have captured what you saw through your lens or it may even be out of focus.

As nice as it was, this shot was suffering from no real foreground element. Using many different crops I tried my best to make it work but it just wasn't happening, at least to my eye. So to rescue the photo and my frustrations I had a bit of fun with Photoshop.

Hope you still enjoy it now you know it's secret.

20201005 182705