Hellmann's Clean Lock Cap Design

I took to penning a letter regards my frustration with the new Hellmann’s Clean Lock bottle. I can’t be the only person that this happens to? For my efforts I received a voucher in the post for €5 and no real follow-up.

Dear Hellmanns,

As a 37 year old, I have quite literally grown up with Hellmann's Mayonnaise. I have and continue to enjoy it immensely and since creating my own family, have made them fans too.

This email is in relation to your new 'Clean Lock' bottle. I believe you have tried to fix a problem that never existed and in doing so created a new, even more frustrating problem.

When using the previous design of your bottle it was easy to squeeze mayonnaise out. Air entered the bottle after the initial squeeze and allowed the subsequent squeezing of more mayonnaise. When the bottle came near the end it was a quick matter of only unscrewing cap and squeezing bottle for air to re-enter bottle and to squeeze the remains of your delicious mayonnaise.

The newly designed Clean Lock bottle does not allow for this. In fact the last 2 bottles I have had to decant most of bottle into a container as we are unable to squeeze out any remaining mayonnaise. By 'decant, I mean taking a sharp knife to halve the bottle to scoop out mayonnaise. The design of the bottle does not allow for any air to enter the bottle and is completely flawed in my honest opinion.

Would love to hear a response to this or if you have similar reaction to your new bottle. For now I spend my time floating between supermarkets and buying up your legacy bottle to prevent further frustration and interruption of mealtimes.


John Henry Donovan