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Making fonts look good at low resolutions - many thought the problem insolvable - two men started Adobe and proved them wrong. Professor David Brailsford renders the story.

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Tig Notaro stepped into a role originally performed by fellow comedian Chris D’Elia. She gave separate performances and was digitally added in Chris's place. More on how and why from director Zach Snyder here. Corridor Crew break down what an excellent job they did here. More on Army of the Deads' VFX here.

Css podcast

Follow Una Kravets and Adam Argyle, Developer Advocates from Google, on The CSS Podcast where they gleefully breakdown complex aspects of CSS into digestible episodes covering everything from accessibility to z-index.

Tanora Slushies

Tanora slushies made in the ice-cream maker. Tonight I'll experiment on what alcohol goes best! Tanora is a uniquely flavoured tangerine flavoured carbonated drink, and sold in Ireland, predominantly in Cork!

Compressed fm podcast - An excellent weekly podcast about web design and development from James Q Quick and Amy Dutton.

Thunder client vscode

A VS Code extension to replace the need for Postman. The Thunder Client extension for VS Code can do all I need when testing HTTP Requests.

Nice take from Jeremy Keith on FLoC (Federated Learning of Cohorts). Google Chrome is running an origin trial that allows for behavioural advertising. Jeremy argues that this is not a technology that serves the end-user. It is a technology that serves third parties who want to target end-users and its targeting could be applied for more nefarious purposes.

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Richard Armitage, Sheila Atim and Joseph Fiennes star in new audiobook adaptations of legendary 2000 AD comics, including Judge Dredd and Halo Jones

Glen And Friends Cooking channel finally reveal the secret KFC ingredients but the story takes a turn. It turns out Ireland's own Pat Grace's Famous Fried Chicken has a lot to do with things.

Merch text 1600x

Long-running plugd records have a new online presence. Go check them out

The State of CSS 2020 Opera 2020 12 01 at 12 08 07 PM

Rather a neat presentation showing the data, highlight the trends from the State of CSS survey.

Charming sans

Charming Sans is the fun, casual typeface we all need right now!! It comes in light, regular, semibold, and bold; each with italics.

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