Recent Site Updates

While I'm on a roll with my recent redesign I took some time this past weekend to make a few updates around here.

I now have a new breakpoint for tablets and tweaked layout and typography elements for my other breakpoints. If you are interested I use the Unsemantic CSS framework.

Under categories I have a new section for Found Food. I love food and love discovering new recipes and food stories on the web. I particularly like reading blog posts that go into detail and the story behind a recipe whether it is successful or not. In Found Food I share these discoveries.

Likewise in categories I have the Motley Links which I share regular posts with collections of diverse and interesting things I have collected or people have shared with me.

Statamic 1.5 is due for release soon and I’m looking forward to what it brings in terms of new features. I am certainly enjoying the current release and it has given me a second wind and got me writing and creating things I can share on this site.