ExpressionEngine 2.8 Preview

EllisLab have been building up to their latest release of ExpressionEngine for a while by sharing upcoming features through their blog. It's a given that anything EllisLab release will have its fair share of controversy and they have always had the adage of 'Can't do right for doing wrong'.

These latest blog posts however show a new refreshing EllisLab. No longer do their blog posts seemed forced but informative and teasing. People always say it’s the little things and this is what EllisLab looks to be addressing.

Template Routes

Template Routes allow you to customize your URLs. You can define rules for each segment of your URL and assign segments to variables that can be used in your templates. I have jumped through so many hoops in the past to replicate this feature in a variety of ways. Sometimes the URL design limitations would actually define an approach to a project. This is welcome news.

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Cleaner Control Panel URLs

The crud has been cut from the Control Panel URLs. All the noise as they put it has been removed. Existing URLs will automatically be remapped.

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Consistent Pagination

This one is all about consistency. All template pagination code will now use the exact same syntax. It also looks like there will be more opportunity to style individual elements which has been one of the biggest gripes

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Template Layouts

Template Layouts work similarly to an embeds at first glance. They add layouts/template inheritance natively and will require a bit of relearning but look like a really useful feature.

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Relative Dates

You will be able to output any date as a relative amount of time with new date tag parameters. Handy one to have if you have a news or blog based site.

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Memory-Based Caching

In the past we have had to use third-party add-ons for this but now it’s gone native. Caching data can now be stored in the filesystem or in a memory-based store such as Memcached or Redis.

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Sessions, Login Modals, and Secure Forms

These get a serious look and EllisLab have introduced industry standard CSRF protection. While these stricter rules might be cumbersome to some people they have your best interests at heart. Great explanation in the blog post itself. And clarified by Derek Jones in the comments, the exp_security_hashes table will no longer be a monster of a table.

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What are your views on the new features of ExpressionEngine 2.8 we have had a preview of so far? What would you like to see in the future?