Archive of events I have had the pleasure to speak at.

The Designer-Developer Relationship - Corkdev Talk

The line between the Web Designer and Web Developer has become slightly blurred over the last few years with both roles having to take on extra skills to keep up. But has this led to contention in the ranks? In my upcoming corkdev.io talk I'll be exploring ways to strengthen the relationship between designer and developer. …Read More

Bending the ExpressionEngine Control Panel

Often we have an opportunity to spend more time customising the client’s ExpressionEngine control panel experience. At EEUK13 I walked through examples on how to make the largely underused ExpressionEngine Dashboard a useful stop for your clients, using available add-ons and creating custom widgets for others. I also went through case studies on various other customisations created specifically for clients in the control panel. …Read More

Offsite 2012

Offsite 2012 is a unique one day event organised by West Cork Development Partnership, to drive technology expertise, to network and develop relationships with peers and experts, and to deliver unrivaled opportunities to hear from regional, national and international technology entrepreneurs. …Read More