Archive of personal articles.

They Call Me Bruce

I've recently started painting again after a long hiatus. Acrylics are new to me so this is a learning process, mistakes and all. The subject matter is Bruce, a good friend's dog. This painting represents a lot more though. …Read More

Visiting Newgrange

We decided to break up our journey back to Cork from Body & Soul by taking in Newgrange. It was a place I have never been to before and I was pleasantly surprised. …Read More

Hellmann's Clean Lock Cap Design

I took to penning a letter regards my frustration with the new Hellmann's Clean Lock bottle. I can't be the only person that this happens to? For my efforts I received a voucher in the post for €5 and no real follow-up. …Read More

John Henry Business Cards

I engaged blush°° to print my business cards. I really wanted the first thing that people did when they got my business card in their hands was to rub it in-between their fingers and comment on the texture. …Read More