ExpressionEngine related tutorials and articles. EE is a flexible content management system developed on CodeIgniter by EllisLab.

ExpressionEngine 2.8 Preview

EllisLab have been building up to their latest release of ExpressionEngine for a while by sharing upcoming features through their blog. It's a given that anything EllisLab release will have its fair share of controversy and they have always had the adage of 'Can't do right for doing wrong'. …Read More

Bending the ExpressionEngine Control Panel

Often we have an opportunity to spend more time customising the client’s ExpressionEngine control panel experience. At EEUK13 I walked through examples on how to make the largely underused ExpressionEngine Dashboard a useful stop for your clients, using available add-ons and creating custom widgets for others. I also went through case studies on various other customisations created specifically for clients in the control panel. …Read More